Poll, will you move to Lync 2010? Will you use VOIP to replace your PBX?


Today I was reading this article on www.voipplanet.com   The title of the article was "Nearly a Third Will Update to Lync 2010: Survey"

This article had a bunch of different very informative information in it.  It was interesting to me that 23% of people that have already deployed a VOIP solution would consinder moving to Lync 2010.

It is amazing how much interest Lync 2010 has gotten since the name change from Office Communication Server.  Here is a Link to the white paper and survey.

Is your company planning on going to VOIP?  Video conferencing?  What are your plans to replace your existing PBX?

Have you thought about Lync 2010 and how the cloud platform my merge your Voice and Data networks? 

Again I suggest going and reading this article or if you have more time go read the whole white paper.  Let me know your thoughts. I would love to have your feedback on this or anything related to Lync 2010, My email is jweston@microsoft.com