Building UWP for Windows 10 on Xbox One



Yesterday at \\Build we announced the ability to take your retail Xbox One to a devkit to allow you to build and deploy Windows 10 UWP apps on your Xbox or any Windows 10 Device, so yes this now means you can start to teach Xbox development within your labs, hopefully you all know why I was stressing Windows 10 development to faculties.

So If your interested in getting started read the following first and be aware this is in preview

UWP apps and games running on Xbox One share resources with the system and other apps. Therefore, UWP apps and games will have access to the following resources:

  • In this preview, the maximum available memory is 448 MB.

    • In future releases, the maximum available memory will be 1 GB.
    • When running your application or game from the Visual Studio debugger, these memory constraints do not apply. This limit is only applicable when not running in debugging mode.
  • Share of 2-4 CPU cores depending on the number of apps and games running on the system.

  • Share of 45% of the GPU depending on the number of apps and games running on the system.

  • UWP on Xbox One supports DirectX 11 Feature Level 10. DirectX 12 is not supported at this time.

For application development, it's important to keep in mind that the resources available may be limited in comparison to a standard PC.

For games development, it’s important to keep in mind that Xbox One, like other games consoles, is a specialized piece of hardware that requires a specific hardware-based development kit to access its full potential. If you are working on a game that requires access to the maximum potential of the Xbox One hardware, you can register with the ID@Xbox program to get access to Xbox One development kits, which include DirectX 12 support

Deployment via Visual Studio 2015 you will be able to remote deploy and debug developed games directly from your PC to Xbox One.

MSDN Developer Center resources for Xbox One Developers you will need a valid Windows Developer account from to build Windows 10 apps and games

Developer Mode FAQ

If you want to add Xbox Live to your Windows 10 UWP game then you will still need to apply and be registered ID@Xbox developer see