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This week, the Windows Phone Team launched the new Windows Phone Dev Center. Student still get free access as before via DreamSpark but the experience is slightly different. Here is a summary of the key changes you should familiarize yourself with:

· App Hub remains only as a landing page, the App Hub has split in two: Windows Phone Dev Center and Xbox Games Indie Games Portal. This is what you see when you get to


· Windows Phone Dev Center has rebranded Windows Live ID as Microsoft Account, from a technical perspective though it is still a Windows Live ID. Xbox Live still call it Windows Live ID.

· As with App Hub today, in order to get free access to Windows Phone Dev Center and Xbox Live Indie Games Portal, students need to have a verified DreamSpark account. So nothing new here. We have updated the Windows Phone App Hub page on DreamSpark
(  and created a new page for Xbox Indie Games Development ( with instructions to download tools and get access to the two.


· We have architected the experience to ensure that students needs to verify their student status only once, regardless of whether they start from Windows Phone Dev Center, Xbox Live Indie Game Portal or DreamSpark as follows:

o When a student starts the registration process on the Windows Phone Dev Center or Xbox Live Indie Game Portal and gets to the Payment process page, they select ‘’I am a student’’ to get free access. At that point the two stores check against AVE database to see if the Microsoft Account/Windows Live ID exists as verified. If yes, they get in for free, if not they get directed to DreamSpark to verify. So if the student had already verified on DreamSpark or (any of the two stores when trying to register on the other), she will get in automatically.

o On DreamSpark, when students create a new DreamSpark account to get access to Windows Phone Dev Center or Xbox Indie Game Portal from the respective pages, we basically ask that they create a Microsoft Account/Windows Live ID first and make that WILD the student’s DreamSpark account (since students on DreamSpark can create account with any email type). In this way they are guaranteed to get in automatically into the two stores. If they already have a DreamSpark account, we map it to their Microsoft Account/Windows Live ID, for the same purpose.

Please therefore direct all your students to DreamSpark as a starting point for creating a Apphub Developer account.

· Students that had Windows Live ID mapped to a verified DreamSpark account, and got free access to the App Hub in the past, can continue to use the same Windows Live ID to access both new app stores. All their apps and games are still there. Only change is that Windows Phone Dev Center now calls it Microsoft Account as per below.

· The student has account type has disappeared, now it is ‘’individual/students’’. Students get the free access when they select ‘’I am a student’ The experience has been designed this way so that when students graduate they do not need to create a new account or migrate their apps. All they need to do is select a different payment option, pay and continue to avail of the same account and keep their existing apps.  

· DreamSpark account and hence the free access to the app stores is valid for 12 months. Once the 12 months have passed, students will be asked to verify their student status again. They can do that by selecting ‘I am a student’’ when they reach the payment option in the registration process of both Windows Phone Dev Center and Xbox Indie Games Portal. They will be directed to DreamSpark to verify.

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