Get up to speed on Windows 8 in 6 weeks



So its now the summer holidays, well its the perfect time to get skilled up for Windows 8, to do this you will need to be fully prepared. To confirm RTM of Windows 8 has been confirmed for August and General Release for Oct 2012.


So to help you get prepared we have created a 6 week plan for you.The plan is based on a minimum of 10 hours study time per week. The better prepared you are the better you will do with implementing Windows 8 within your curricula or even simply having the discussion with students using Windows 8 next term.

From a Microsoft perspective we have a massive amount of materials to help you prepare and create a very comprehensive application and we provide you with the suite of Tools and Documentation to help you create their very first Metro 8 App.

Additionally we have also made available a large array of Samples, Examples and Templates as well as Video tutorials and blogs. If you follow these you will find the path to releasing your first game or application for Windows 8.

Apps can be written in C#, C++, HTML or even using a new bespoke tool aimed at Designers. The most import thing is to start right now, read and work your way through the plan, install Windows 8 and the Metro SDK and start developing.

So here is the six week plan for Windows 8 development.

Week One

1. Introduction

a. What is a Windows 8 Metro App, click Here

b. A great intro Blog for you, click Here

c. Understand the UX Guidelines click Here

2. Getting started with Metro style apps, click Here

a. Installing Windows 8

b. Download and install SDK & Dev Tools

3. Get the Developer Licence, Click Here

a. Install the" Windows 8 camp in a box", click Here

b. Quickly get an overview of all the presentations

4. Choose your preferred Development environment/Language

a. JavaScript and HTML (recommended for Designers & Artists)

b. Download relevant documentation, click Here

c. C#, Visual Basic and XAML (recommended for Designers & Artists)

d Download relevant documentation, click Here

e. C++ and DirectX (recommended for Programmers or teams with Programmers in)

f. Download relevant documentation, click Here

5. Understanding What makes a great Metro app, click Here

6. Planning your first App, click Here

a. Planning for Monetisation, click Here

b. Planning for Quality and Certification, click Here

c. Planning for different devices, click Here

d. Plan for a Global Market, click Here

e. Plan for Usability, click Here and Here

Week Two

1. Review available Templates and sample Apps, click Here and Here

2. Take a look at the Samples and Examples in the Windows 8 Camp in a box

a. Work through these Examples

3. Take a look at the Windows 8 Faculty game examples, click Here

a. Consider how you could use these examples to create your own game

4. Download Designer PSD’s, click Here

5. Play, with your chosen development

a. Set up Visual Studios

b. Work through a simple “Hello World”, style tutorial

c. C++, click Here

d. HTML5/Javascript, click Here

e. Visual Basic, click Here

f. C#, click Here

f. Get your development processed organised and ready to go

6. Plan and design your first simple app,

7. Create it

Week 3

1. Re-review progress so far, and create second more complicated app

2. Further reading on what makes a great Metro App, click Here

3. Looking at ways to speed up your development, click Here

4. Using Blend, click Here and Here

5. Continue with your chosen Development training

a. C++, click Here

b. HTML5/Javascript, click Here

c. Visual Basic, click Here

d. C#, click Here

Week 4

1. Continue with your detailed studies and tutorials

2. Watch as many YouTube Tutorials and App sample videos as you can

3. Advanced considerations, click Here

a. Selling apps

b. Concepts and architecture

c. API reference

d. End-to-end apps.

Week 5

1. Continue with your detailed studies and tutorials

2. Planning for the Assessments or Developing Games

a. Some Great Game building Links, click Here

b. How to Design a great Metro 8 Game, click Here

c. More Game / Entertainment considerations, click Here

Week 6

1. Continue with your detailed studies and tutorials

2. Finally, understand about Metro 8 App Publishing, click Here

a. Market Opportunity

b. Designed for discovery

c. Flexible business models

d. Uber-transparency

e. Best economics

Microsoft's official Metro 8 App site

Microsoft's UK Student and Faculty resources 

A complete list of resources for METRO Windows 8 Developers

Microsoft's App Publishing – Declaring capabilities

· Manifest Designer

· How to specify capabilities in a package manifest.

Intro to Window 8 & the App store

One on One style tutorial Webcasts on Metro 8 development

BUILD Conference Resources  

Designing for Windows

UX GuideLines

Windows User Experience Training

Windows Camp Resources

Additional Videos


Windows 8–Developer Resources

Developer downloads




Windows 8 Consumer Preview Download

Windows 8 Consumer Preview download (web installer or ISO’s), videos, and FAQ’s.

Developer downloads for Metro style apps

Visual Studio 11 Express and the Windows 8 SDK + all the extra tools and SDK’s for Metro style app development.

Design assets for Metro style apps

100+ Photoshop files with common controls, shell components, tiles, icons, animation clips, color wheel references, and more.

Metro style app developer content




Windows Dev Center home

Links to Metro style app, Desktop app, Hardware, and IE development.

Metro style app development home

Links to key resources for designing, developing, and selling Metro style apps.

Product guide for developers

Windows 8 Consumer Preview Product Guide for Developers.

Official documentation

Comprehensive docs, articles, quickstarts, roadmaps, tutorials, checklists, developer agreements, and whitepapers covering all aspects of app design, development, and selling:

· Getting started

· Planning apps

· Designing UX for apps

· Developing apps

· Packaging apps

· Debugging and testing apps

· Selling apps

· API reference

· Concepts and architecture

· Language reference

· End-to-end apps

Design resources

Design principles, UX design patterns, detailed UX guidelines, downloadable design assets, assessing usability.

Selling apps in the Windows Store

Windows Store markets, developer agreements, and checklists to prepare.

Developer downloads for Metro style apps

Visual Studio Express and the Windows 8 SDK + extra tools and SDK’s for Metro style app development.

Metro style app samples

Over 200 official samples from Microsoft are available in multiple programming languages. You can copy code inline, upload new code, rate, and leave comments.

Developer forums

Developer forums for Metro style apps covering designing, developing, and selling apps.

Blogs for developers

Blog Name



Building Windows 8 blog (B8)

An inside look at how, what, and why different features of Windows 8 are being built. This blog is written by Windows President Steven Sinofsky together with members of the Windows engineering team.

Windows Store blog for developers

All about doing business in the Windows Store. Members of the engineering team who’ve built the Windows Store write posts along with Antoine Leblond, Vice President of Windows Web Services.

Windows 8 app developer blog (D8)

Explores best practices for coding and designing Metro style apps. It is written by the team of developers who are building Windows 8.

IE blog

Windows Internet Explorer Engineering Team Blog.

Inside Windows Live blog windows_live/b/windowslive/

The engineering being Hotmail, Messenger, SkyDrive, and Windows Live.

Visual Studio Blog

The official source of product insight from the Visual Studio Engineering Team.

The Windows Blog

Consumer and general interest topics.