Improvements to DreamSpark and FREE store access for Windows 8 student developers

Today we are announcing the following changes to

1. An new site design which is the result of improvements to the user experience based on internal and external feedback. Notably creating more clarity around the fact that the DreamSpark program is both a direct to student program and a subscription based program for academic institutions. As a result we have created two hubs with distinctive colour branding through the site to direct users to the right information and software access depending on their role:

a. DreamSpark for Students – direct access to the individual students experience ( )

b. DreamSpark for Academic Institutions – information about the DreamSpark subscription such as program benefits, EULAs, usage guidelines, and the steps to purchase a subscription etc. ( )

The site today is going live in English only. Customers selecting other languages will fall back to English UI. The DreamSpark team are working as fast as we can to launch the localized versions. They should become available in the week of 24th of Sept.


As part of this site redesign we are rebranding the DreamSpark subscription to DreamSpark Standard in response to the feedback received by customers and to avoid confusion with DreamSpark for students.

2. The new site has shifted from focusing purely on software downloads to bringing tools and resources related to development on our platforms (Windows 8, Windows Phone and Games) and most importantly a new section under Student dedicated to App Development) also accessible from the Student sub-navigation .


3. A page dedicated to Windows 8 App Development where students can find the resources and tools they need to start developing Windows 8 apps, including a pointer to downloading the getting started guide. .

clip_image006 clip_image008

4. Free access for students to the Windows Store: From the Windows 8 App Development page, users will be direct to the Windows Store Access Page on DreamSpark where they can verify their user status and then get a Registration code to use in the Windows Store to register for FREE.

clip_image010 clip_image012


Additional Resources


a. Overview of the DreamSpark program explaining what it is?

b. New Software Deployment guide for institutions, , detailing step by step how administrators can provide software access to students, faculty and labs via a DreamSpark MSDN Subscriber Portal and ELMS Webstores

c. ELMS overview:

d. DreamSpark Standard usage guidelines page added to academic institution overview section,

e. DreamSpark Premium usage guidelines page added to academic institution overview section,

f. STEM definition page,

g. New DreamSpark Standard

h. DreamSpark Premium EULA page to

i. Revised FAQ’s; more information, more relevant to each audience (student, educator, and institution) accessible from top nav bar.

j. Separation of Student support from Subscription support with two dedicated pages: and

k.  DreamSpark for Academic Institution, and the Academic Institution Hub nav bar explaining how access an existing subscription: