ManifoldJS - Open Source framework that that can take a website and create an application for Windows, iOS, Android, Chrome, and Firefox

At \\Build 2015 Day 2 keynote John Shewchuk showed off ManifoldJS.

What is ManifoldJS

  • ManifoldJS uses the W3C Manifest for Web Apps to create the apps for a number of platforms.
  • ManifoldJS Supports the delivery of native apps for iOS, Android, Windows 8.1, Chrome, FireFox OS, and now Windows 10.
  • ManifoldJS runs as a command line tool through node.js or you can use the web based tool at

The example John Shewchuk showed in the Build Day2 Keynote was a fictional demo app called Shiftr which lets developers vote on developer frameworks.

In the demo, John simply created the cross platform app by using the following command

“ManifoldJS http:/” and ManifoldJS generated projects for Chrome, iOS, Android, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.


He then loaded the Android solution via Android App Studio and fired up the Android Emulator which ran the app without any additional code changes.


So the demo clearly demonstrated that with ManifoldJS, developers can simply create the standard manifest, and ManifoldJS creates the apps for the different platforms and devices with minimal intervention.