Microsoft DreamSpark – One of Microsoft best kept secrets

Today’s leaders need new and professional sets of resources to make learning more motivating, relevant, and engaging that’s why DreamSpark puts the latest tools and technologies into your classrooms andlabs.

We offer dreamspark so your students and faculty can start building apps that build their skills, without breaking your budget. With two subscription levels to choose from, your entire institution students, faculty and labs will get no-cost access to Microsoft’s professional developer tools, platforms, and servers in labs and classrooms for a modest annual licensing fee.


DreamSpark for Educators from Lee Stott

DreamSpark offers two levels of subscriptions for institutions - Premium and Standard. Premium is ONLY available for qualified higher education science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) departments. Each eligible department requires its own subscription. Software access is only for students enrolled in courses of that specific department.

DreamSpark gives you a single subscription for your entire academic institution. It offers a smaller catalog of developer, gaming, and designer tools download and read the following guide for Educational customers.

DreamSpark for School, Colleges and Unis how to deploy from Lee Stott