Microsoft Student Hackers! GitHub resources for student developing with Microsoft tools and tech


GitHub is the home of a strong open source community, including hundreds of Microsoft projects, and students are a critical part of this community. 

GitHub announced the GitHub Student Developer Pack, a collection of resources for students to get started with access to great developer tools and services offerings from dozens of partners.

Students can also get free access to many more Microsoft tools and developer offerings through DreamSpark, including Azure, SQL Server, R Server, Visual Studio training courses and Windows Store developer accounts.

So make sure you activate your DreamSpark account and get started today.

We have also developed a one stop shop for resource for students on GitHub with the MSFTImagine GitHub Repo 


So Welcome to the ultimate Microsoft Hackathon Meta Resource!

Check out the MSFTImagine GitHub Repo 

This repo contains for a rich set of information to help you with your hack. Let’s Start Hacking!

Microsoft APIs

Start Writing code for face detection, computer vision and more with Project Oxford.

Harness the power of Cortana, Bing, and Skype for your app!

Or get your thinker thinking with the whole list of Microsoft APIs!