Post your harddrive for upload to the Azure Cloud

This week I had one university who wanted to get a few hundred TB of data into the Azure cloud.

Well now Azure customers,  can now arrange to have their hard drives transported to Microsoft’s data centres in the UK and uploaded using the Azure Data Import and Export services.

Azure Data Import and Export Services

Allows the upload of hard drive to the cloud, which is in some cases can be faster, cheaper and more secure for institutions than moving data via an internet connection.

There is a cost

You pay a flat fee to transport your drive via a courier to one of the UK data centres. The information is then uploaded to the cloud and the hard drive is couriered back to you. Charges to store the information in the cloud then apply.

Take a tour of our data centres

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Everything you need to know about Microsoft Cloud:


Microsoft opened its UK data centres in September last year. Since then, thousands of customers, including the Ministry of Defence, the Met Police, parts of the NHS and Centrica, have signed up to take advantage of the sites, which offer UK data residency, security and reliability.

Other services include:

  • The ability tostore financial details in UK data centres
  • The option to use private connections to the sites, with Microsoft’s partners providing a gateway from JaNET/PSN/N3 to ExpressRoute and into Azure.
  • Azure Backup and Site Recovery, so customers can back up and restore their files from data centres based in this country.
  • Azure Automation, which lets customers to save time and increase the reliability of administration tasks they have to complete, such as checking whether they have exceeded the size of their online database or overseeing security measures.
  • Azure Security Centre, which helps customers prevent, detect and respond to threats, giving them full visibility and control over their secure network.
  • Azure Service Fabric lets developers focus on building features for their applications, without needing to design and write additional code to deal with reliability, scalability or latency.
  • Azure Marketplace is an online store featuring thousands of certified and open source applications, developer service and data.