So why do Linux and Mac Devs love Visual Studio Code


I just wanted to share some of my favourite feature of Visual Studio Code

Any language, any OS

Available on Mac OS X, Linux and Windows

OS X, Linux, and Windows support Runs natively on the operating system of your choice

Get up and running in minutes and be productive no matter what OS you are using. Regular updates are simple to install and released on all platforms at the same time. The perfect complement to your favorite developer tools.  Get Code for your OS FREE

Language coverage -30+ languages and counting, syntax highlighting, bracket matching

Syntax colorization, highlighting, and bracket matching make Code a great editor for all your programming tasks. Visual Studio Code supports JavaScript, C#, C++, PHP, Java, HTML, R, CSS, SQL, Markdown, TypeScript, LESS, SASS, JSON, XML, and Python as well as many other common file formats.

See our full list of languages

Git version control - Commit, diff, pull and push

Embrace modern workflows with the power and flexibility of Git. See changed files, diffs, and make commits right from within the editor. Connect with the entire Git universe by pulling and pushing code to any remote — GitHub, Azure Web Apps, Visual Studio Team Services, and more.

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Extensible - Languages, features, themes

Go beyond built-in customizations with additional extensions from the Visual Studio Marketplace, or create your own extension Unity3d is fully supported.

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