UK Employment and the benefits of Microsoft IT Academy


The Microsoft IT Academy (ITA) Program is a college and career ready education program available to all accredited academic institutions. The program is designed to provide students, educators and staff with the latest Microsoft technology skills necessary to acquire certification and be competitive and effective in today’s workplace.

What is the Microsoft IT Academy Program?

The Microsoft IT Academy Program is an annual membership program that enables academic institutions to deliver training on Microsoft IT professional, developer, and Office technologies to their students, as well as to offer resources on the latest Microsoft technologies to their faculty.

Membership is open to all primary, secondary, post-secondary, preparatory schools, vocational and trade, military or technical accredited educational institutions, and accredited sources of continuing education.

The program is available on an annual subscription-based membership, as an attachment to any qualifying Academic agreement; OVS-ES, EES, Select, Campus & Schools.

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  • The IT Academy Programme helps you save costs elsewhere. E.g. how much do you spend on training your IT staff and teachers, or ICT curriculum.
  • A private Microsoft course can typically be GBP1,000 for just 1 person IT Academy helps significant remove this cost barrier to providing certification to your staff and students.
  • The ITA Programme benefits teachers, staff and students. E.g. you can make sure your IT staff have access to the latest training.
  • Teachers and students benefit by helping them deliver great ICT/Computer Science lessons with additional Microsoft certifications for students.


  • The ITA Programme allows multiple users to administer and use the benefits. We can introduce you to our Support Partner who are experienced in working with various stakeholders to deploy and use the programme, so you not have to worry about how to implement or manage the IT Academy Programme as part of your staff CPD or Student experience programme.
  • There are lots of ITA’s that are getting plenty out of the benefits both for staff and students.
  • There have also been some new benefits additions like free certification vouchers for teachers, additional e-reference subscriptions, Lesson Plans etc

General FAQ on Microsoft IT Academy Membership

Is there a membership fee?

Yes. Program members pay an annual fee. Fees vary in different countries, so please visit or contact your Regional Support Center (RSC) for details. See the Contact Information section for information on how to contact your RSC.

If an institution has multiple campuses, must each location complete a separate application to be approved for the Microsoft IT Academy Program?

Yes. Each campus location must apply for and pay the annual program fee independently of each other. Contact your RSC for details.

How do I become a Microsoft IT Academy Program member?

•If you are a Volume Licensing customer, please contact your academic reseller.

•For all other academic institutions, Microsoft provides an online registration tool. The application process includes:

•Completing an online application

•Accepting the Microsoft IT Academy Program Agreement and other terms and conditions and submitting the required documentation

•Remitting your payment

What are the requirements for participating in the Microsoft IT Academy Program?

Microsoft IT Academy Program members are required to submit the information requested by Microsoft for consideration and admittance into the program. Program benefits will become available when all application requirements are fulfilled, which may include:

•Proof of academic accreditation by an approved accrediting body or government sponsorship

•Proof of non-profit status (if applicable to your institution)

Can we use curricula materials other than MOAC, MOC, E-Reference, and E-Learning?

Where available in your local language, MOAC, MOC, E-Reference and/or Microsoft E-Learning courses should represent the foundation of your content for delivering training on Microsoft technologies under the IT Academy Program membership. Your institution may supplement this content with additional other materials. IT Academy Program members in geographies that do not have MOAC, MOC, E-Reference or Microsoft E-Learning in their local language may substitute local language curriculum that covers the same objective domains of the Microsoft Certification exams. For more information about objective domains, visit

Do our instructors need to be full-time employees of the institution?

No, your instructors may be adjunct or part-time employees.

How will this program benefit our students?

Professional IT skills are highly advantageous. For students and prospective employees, Microsoft Certification status can translate into enhanced job opportunities in today’s high-tech marketplace. Certification:

Helps students meet hiring criteria. Many companies have introduced certification into their hiring decisions. For businesses, certification provides an objective, reliable benchmark to aid in hiring, promoting, and planning employee career paths, or outsourcing services and development. Your institution can help prepare your students to become job-ready with the business and professional IT skills they need.

Provides early access to new Microsoft technology skills. Microsoft IT Academy Program members are in a select group that receives early information and training on new software releases, beta versions, guidelines and tips on new courses—both online and instructor-led training. This means that your students will have access to courses on newly released Microsoft technologies that will help keep them ahead of the industry curve.

How will our institution be able to distinguish itself from other academic institutions that are not Microsoft IT Academy Program members?

The Microsoft IT Academy Program brand was created with distinction in mind. By adding Microsoft as a prominent element to the branding of this program, it signifies that authorized IT Academy Program members are delivering Microsoft-approved curriculum. Program members have access to a logo and marketing collateral they can use to promote their membership status.

When can we begin using the Microsoft IT Academy Program logo?

The Microsoft IT Academy Program logo will be available to a member institution upon activation of your Microsoft IT Academy Program membership and your acceptance of the Microsoft IT Academy Logo License Agreement. You may access the Microsoft IT Academy Program Logo Agreement if you follow the instructions from the members-only website. You may use the Microsoft IT Academy Program Logo in accordance with the Microsoft IT Academy Logo License Agreement, as long as your institution (i) maintains Microsoft IT Academy Program member status, (ii) follows the curriculum and course delivery requirements as described in the IT Academy Agreement, Program Guide and any applicable license agreements.

What type of support can our institution expect?

Program support is provided by our customer support staff via phone and email. Upon acceptance in the Microsoft IT Academy Program, members are provided with contact information for the support center in their geographic area. Members also receive e-newsletters with information such as program benefits, certification news, curriculum releases, and more. Please also refer to our member’s-only website for questions.

What is the curriculum source for the E-Learning?

The E-Learning provided to IT Academy Program members is a portfolio of Microsoft commercial E-Learning courseware