Using great Windows 8 and Windows Phone Unity3d Open Source plugin for Notifications and Facebook Authentication



The issue is that they are building a F2P Windows Store app in Unity3d is the requirement of plugin support.

For F2P games to be successful the ability of using Toast notifications and authentication is key factor of success and should be considered a core feature requirement!

Without the ability to authenticate users or provide of local scheduled toast notification a game will suffer not only from a major impact on user experience but also player retention and monetization

So if your using Unity3d a great 3rd party Windows Store Unity plugin is Marker Metro plugin

Marker Metro has a number of great features including the MarkerMetro.Unity.WinIntegration Plugin which includes

Local Notifications

Local Notifications can be set using LocalNotifications.ReminderManager.

The ReminderManager will use system reminders on WP8, and scheduled notification toasts on Win8.1 allowing you to set deterministic timer based prompts easily for the user. See example here

You should ensure that you add IsToastCapable = true within your manifest on Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1

Facebook Integration

Unity Plugin for Windows at this time are as follows the MarkerMetro.Unity.WinIntegration plugin Unity SDK for Facebook in WinIntegration.

or C# plugin

It at this moment has a static binary dependency on

Store Integration

There is a single Store API for both Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.x.

For a complete implementation of IAP Integration using WinIntegration check out the starter template MarkerMetro.Unity.WinShared

Video Player

This allows you to play a video over the top of the Unity scene. It will use a standard XAML MediaElement

For more details see and the associated github sites.