Windows 8 Shortcuts

Last week I was travelling the country talking to academics and students about the opportunity of building apps for Windows 8.

During the week I had a number of  really interesting discussions, however on Friday I had a comment from one student, who simply believed Windows 8, was for touch devices only.

We got onto the topic of keyboard and mouse as I was presenting using a Lenovo thinkpad which supports both touch and keyboard and mouse. I was simply demonstrating Windows navigation via touch and then via keyboard and mouse during the presentation demos and the student in question seemed to be blown away by this and when we discussed this it more detail after the event he wasn't aware of the number of Windows Shortcut keys available.


So here a quick list of some of my favourites


Charms and menus

image Charms

image Share

image Settings

image Devices

image Second Screen

  image Admin Menu



image Apps Search Screen

image Files Search Screen

image Settings Screen



image Lockscreen Orientation

   image Split to the right

  image Split to the left


Start Screen

image image Scroll Start Screen

image Apps Options/App bar