Windows Phone University Phone Camps + Some great Resources and Samples for teaching and learning



For those of you interested in building Windows Phone app’s or putting the finishing touches on your Windows Phone app the following are a great set of resources for your students additional reading to the curriculum material we provide.

As always if you want to have a Windows Phone 7 Phone Camp on YOUR Campus please email as you can see we have been busy visiting campus locations the length and breadth of the UK.

Windows Phone 7 Resources – Getting Started:

Code Samples for Common Tasks:

Panorama/Pivot View Sample:

Location Service/GPS Sample:

Use Sensor Data Sample (Accelerometer/Gyroscope/Compass:

Process and Use RSS Feeds in Win Phone:

Isolated Storage (3 Scenarios):

Local Database App w/MVVM for Win Phone:

AD Control Sample: For those students who want to make money on their Phone app via including advertising in their apps: