Changing the User Account for Reporting Services 2008 (not R2) in SharePoint 2010 in Integrated Mode

It looks like the R2 documentation is either wrong, or simply doesn’t apply when you’re trying to change the account for reporting services Sql 2008. I also found the online docs for 2008 didn’t match what I was seeing (detailed here:

After changing the account in the configuration manager, the give away message was in the rsreportserver log:
“SharePoint content service is null. Report Server may not have joined the SharePoint farm.”

The following did the trick:

- Change the service account using the configuration manager.
- From SharePoint
–> Central Administration
–> General Application settings (not Application Management)
–> reporting services section
–> ‘Add a report server to the integration’ – enter your admin credentials to allow grant RS access.

Cheers, Ryan

Original post by Ryan Simpson on 17th November 2010 here: