CRM 4.0 License Key Upgrade Matrix

Without You...

In my earler post, I found we had changed the rules for upgrading CRM 4.0 Trial and MSDN license keys. In order to help you understand what upgrade choices you have if you are using one type of license key and need to upgrade to another key (without a full re-install of the product), I put together this handy chart. Along the left side are the license key types you are upgrading from (W = Workgroup Edition, P = Professional Edition and E = Enterprise Edition), and along the top are the keys you are upgrading to. A "Y" in the box means Yes, you can upgrade the license key in Deployment Manager.

As you can see, one one hand we have prevented you from upgrading from a 90-Day Trial key to an MSDN key, but on the other you can now upgrade from an MSDN key to most types of full license keys.

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