CRM Social Insights With InsideView

Mr. Never In A Million Years…

One of my favourite 3rd-party, add-on solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is InsideView, and I have been using their social insight capabilities in most of my customer demos for a the last couple of years.

What is social insight?

Well, InsideView is a cloud service that scans thousands of news sources, social media sites, legal filings and other public & private sources of company and contact information, then aggregates, classifies and filters that information to provide you with a rich data feed about the industries, territories, companies and contacts that you care about.

Want to build a marketing list containing accurate contact information for prospects in a specific industry in your chosen territory? Want to make sure that your customer lists contains clean, accurate, up-to-date contact details? Want to receive alerts about your clients’ management changes, mergers & acquisitions, contract awards and other business events, giving you a reason to call? Want warm introductions by identifying relationships between prospects, customers, colleagues and even previous employees? InsideView can help you solve these problems.


It was great to hear that, as of 30th October 2013, we are going to provide InsideView, at no additional cost, to all CRM Online Professional Edition users. At the moment, this is limited to customers in the USA, but there will be a broader, global, rollout in 2014. More details are available in both the Microsoft and InsideView press releases:

Unfortunately, InsideView is not included with CRM on-premises licenses, so those customers will need to purchase a subscription directly from InsideView.

To learn more about how you can benefit from this exciting new release, don’t forget to join us for our Global Premiere Event, live from Barcelona, November 4th, 2013. Details and links can be found on my previous blog post here.

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