SharePoint 2010 Information Now Public

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We took the NDA off SharePoint Server 2010 at the SharePoint Conference 2009 this week. There are some great new capabilities, but my personal favourites are:

  1. SQL Server PowerPivot for Excel and SharePoint – Formerly codenamed “Gemini”, this is a powerful new in memory database technology that lets Excel users navigate massive amounts of information without having to create or edit an OLAP cube. Imagine an Excel spreadsheet with 100 million rows of business data, that lets you sort, slice and pivot in real-time, then publish to SharePoint as a browser-rendered dashboard.
  2. Visio Services – In SharePoint Server 2007 we introduced the concept of Excel Services which allowed you publish Excel workbooks, complete with data connections and complex formulas, and render them as web-based applications. Well, now we have done the same with Visio. With Visio you have been able to design rich representations of different kinds of business processes (e.g. supply chain, sales or customer service processes), linked to real time business data sitting in ERP, CRM and other Line of Business applications. Now, with Visio Services, we can publish these to SharePoint and render real-time process information in the browser.
  3. Install on Windows 7 – This is really important for those of you who do a lot of SharePoint development. Now you can install SharePoint 2010 on your desktop PC without the need for a Server.

Here are some good webcast resources I recommend you take the time to watch:

For more information, why not head over to the SharePoint Team Blog to find a detailed breakdown of all the new functionality. Enjoy the collaborative goodness..!!

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