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Desert Rose…

I was chatting with Tom Brookes (UK Partner Technology Specialist for Microsoft Dynamics CRM) about his Q&A slot at the upcoming UK CRM User Group meeting on Wednesday 2nd December. I suggested it might be a good idea to extend this by arranging 1:1 meetings where any Microsoft Dynamics CRM customer could come along and discuss anything at all to do with their current CRM system.

To my surprise he thought this was a good idea. So I went ahead and booked a couple of rooms (along with plenty of tea/coffee/biscuits) here at the Microsoft Campus in Thames Valley Park (click here for directions) from 1pm to 5pm on 2nd December (directly after the CRM User Group). We're now set up to hold a number of meetings with no formal agenda, just some face time with me, Tom and anyone else from the UK CRM team who happens to be around on the day.

So all we need are customers…

Are you a Microsoft Dynamics CRM customer here in the UK? Would you like to speak directly with someone from the CRM team about anything CRM-related? Then drop me a line via the Contact Form, with a brief outline of what you would like to discuss, and I will book meetings on a first-come, first-served basis. I’m not sure what to expect, but if I get a huge response then I think this might be a good reason for doing something like this on a regular basis around the country (Manchester, Edinburgh etc.). I’ll check my inbox every couple of days for any requests that come through (I still have a day-job), so don’t worry if you don’t hear back from me straight away.

If I don’t get much take-up, I’ll just pretend this never happened and slip quietly back into obscurity :-)

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