Compare XML Customization files tool

Users often wonder how to compare XML customization files.
XML compare tools we can see are not specially targeted to compare our CRM XML Customization file.

We now have a special tool to do this which can be downloaded from Here

You can easily compare your customizations against the out of the box RTM Schema.

It will show you easily:

- The changes attributes, entities

- The new attributes

- The attributes removed.
- The differences within FormXML

In order to get the tool, you need to do this:

1°) Download the EXE, unpack it.
2°) Inside the unzipped folders you’ll get a solution file (.SLN) double click on it, this will open the project in Visual Studio.

3°) Build the project.

4°) Go to %YouFolder%\microsoft.crm.isv.customizationcomparer.setup\Debug or Retail, there you will have SETUP.EXE.

5°) Run the setup, it will install the tool by default here: C:\Program Files\Microsoft CRM Tools\CRM Customization Comparison Utility

6°) Run CRM Customization Comparison Utility.exe from the above specified folder.

More info:

Kind regards,

Olga Beatty.