Is Microsoft Office 365 right for your organisation?

More than ever before, every penny of IT spend needs to be justified. Taking an evidenced based approach to making crucial IT decisions will help remove risk and manage cost while understanding where cloud services can support and develop your existing strategy. 

Microsoft Office 365 isn’t a one size fits all offering and there are simple tools to help identify the right fit for your users. To get a sense of what Office 365 can do and how it can benefit your office, attend a free half-day workshop at our office in London on Thursday, 5 February.

This session will help you understand what differentiates Microsoft’s online service strategy, how your end users can overcome common problems when trying to work collaboratively and work in new ways and also how to license in the most cost effective manner, using analytics of your organisation’s current use of Microsoft applications.

There are a limited number of funded (no-cost) engagements that will provide you with a detailed, granular report on the usage of all applications and documents within your organisation and the potential impact of moving from your existing on-premises Microsoft productivity applications to Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud offering.

Please register your interest ASAP as we will operate of a first come, first basis:

When & where:

Thursday, 5 February

9:00am - 12:00pm

Cardinal Place

80-100 Victoria Street

London, SW1E 5JL


  • Microsoft’s cloud strategy: Understand the key differences between Microsoft and other Software as a Service vendors. -- Microsoft
  • Office 365: See how the Office 365 services both allow people to overcome common obstacles to collaborative working and transform outmoded business practices. -- Content & Code
  • Centrix 365iq: Learn how real world analytics from your end users can help inform licensing decisions and application portfolio. -- Centrix

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