Microsoft CityNext: Norfolk County Council transforms citizen services with a cloud-based information hub

Local governments have access to vast troves of data about their resources, citizens and services. But all that data has a tendency to stay in nice little silos, never joining up to a bigger picture. Smart local government offices like Norfolk County Council know that before they can transform their services, engage citizens or accelerate economic growth, they need to connect all those data sets into a bigger picture.  They need to be able to a track a citizen’s needs across departments. The need to understand how public and private service providers work together. They need to turn all that information into knowledge.

Norfolk County Council found what it was looking for in a cloud-based information hub built on technology from Microsoft and HP Enterprise Services. Watch how technology from Microsoft and HP is helping Norfolk connect the public sector supply chain like never before -- and put people at the heart of it all:

“Our vision is to deliver world-class integrated public services that stimulate and support a sustainable knowledge economy in Norfolk,” said Tom Baker, chief information officer, Norfolk County Council. “HP will contribute to the economic, social and environmental sustainability of the County by enabling multiple agencies to effectively participate in joint service delivery. The creation of a platform for more joined-up collaboration between NCC and other partners will make it possible to get a single view. In addition, HP will enable us to make cost savings of about 20 percent.”

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