What are the essential steps to deploying new technology in the public sector?

I was on Twitter the other day and saw this slide from a Public Sector ICT conference outlining what one presenter said were the 10 steps to successful ICT deployment. It’s an important concept, as there’s real value in having a checklist to work from when deploying new technology. My list would look a little different, however, focusing on outcomes, infrastructure, and people, rather than abstract IT goals.

Take a look and let me know what you think in the comments: 

  • Link business outcomes to information strategy.
  • Establish a portfolio of apps that are device agnostic.
  • Ensure you have a modern integrated identity and security platform.
  • Commission compute based on value for money.
  • Develop a roadmap to hybrid cloud computing.
  • Retrain key staff to be able to link business outcomes to ICT strategy.
  • Retrain the Procurement function to exploit IP from various sources.
  • Leverage you existing infrastructure and execute a roadmap to the future.
  • Establish an infrastructure that leverages APIs.
  • Create a single ICT strategy for government and leverage the economies of scale that come from that.

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