Discontinuation of Employee Portal with the release of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013

Hello Everyone,

With Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 we will introduce two new client options – the web client and the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Portal framework for Microsoft SharePoint. 

In addition, as announced June 4 2012 on Partner Source, with the release of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 later this calendar year, we will discontinue the Employee Portal and remove it from the
Microsoft Dynamics NAV Pricelist effective October 1, 2012.

For information on Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 and the new client options please visit the Launch Portal on Partner Source.

Any new or existing customers who wish to purchase a Microsoft SharePoint portal solution can either make use of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Portal framework for Microsoft
SharePoint with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 or be referred to Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace where several CfMD solutions are offered.

Existing Microsoft Dynamics NAV customers who has purchased the Employee Portal and who are upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 will no longer be able to use the
Employee Portal granules. We encourage existing customers to contact their channel partner to discuss migration to alternative solutions.

In addition, effective October 1, 2012, existing Microsoft Dynamics NAV customers with licenses to Employee Portal will no longer be charged Business Ready Enhancement Plan (BREP) fees for these granules. On
October 1, 2012 the Protected List Price (PLP) for these granules will be reduced to zero resulting in no annual enhancement fees beginning on the next plan renewal date. The license keys for these granules will remain on existing
customers’ accounts, allowing the continued use of the granules. However, as of October 1, 2012, existing customers will no longer be able to order these granules.

Best regards