Martin Kearn

I am a Senior Consultant within the UK SharePoint team in Microsoft Consulting Services and have been working for Microsoft since December 2005 having previously worked for several Gold Microsoft Partners who specialised in Collaboration/IW technologies.

I have spent many years working with the various iterations of SharePoint even as far back as "Tahoe" ... those that known what that means will have a certainly level of sympathy!

Previously I was the sole owner of the A Marvellous Point blog which has had several very successful posts including SharePoint Object Hierarchy: How it all fits together, Useful facts about SharePoint farms and Configuring Kerberos for SharePoint 2007: Part 1 - Base Configuration for SharePoint.

For those of you that have followed my previous blog, you may be sad to see that the famous Guinness picture has gone, hopefully I have now replaced this with an equally amusing picture until I get back to Dublin to re-create the Guinness picture!

I welcome emails and feedback on any of my articles so if you have something to say please email me.


Martin Kearn Senior Consultant Microsoft Consulting Services UK