SharePoint 2010 and Office 2010 – Sneak Peak…

Recently, the SharePoint Product Team released information regarding the next version of SharePoint; SharePoint 2010. News regarding the next version of Microsoft Office; Office 2010 is also surfacing. As I regularly get questions from customers regarding both products I thought I’d pull together a list of useful resources and information.

So, what is SharePoint 2010 ?

image   It’s the next version of SharePoint. The official answer is “the business collaboration platform for the Enterprise & the Web that enables you to connect & empower people through an integrated set of rich features. Whether deployed on-premises or as hosted services, SharePoint 2010 helps you cut costs with a unified infrastructure while allowing you to rapidly respond to your business needs”.

What will I need to use SharePoint 2010?

The number one place to get readiness information on SharePoint 2010 is here. I also recommended that you also read the preliminary system requirements.

What other things can I do to get ready for SharePoint 2010?

Where can I get more info on SharePoint 2010?

What is Office 2010?

image   The next version of Microsoft Office. Office 2010 aims to “give you rich and powerful new ways to deliver your best work - whether you’re at work, home, or school - on a computer, Web browser, or Smartphone”.

What is new in Office 2010?

  • See here for videos regarding Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote and other Office 2010 client applications

Where can I get info on Office 2010 (client)?

I hope the above information has wet your appetite. We hope to share lots more information with you once more details can be released to the public. Enjoy!

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