The all singing, all dancing ‘I’m a PC’ Campaign

Microsoft has recently launch a brand new campaign called Life Without Walls, featuring ordinary people like you and me, from all over the world, from all different backgrounds. The one common link between them is the feature line of the campaign- ‘I’m a PC’.

The campaign is a fresh, exhilarating and extremely innovative take on PCs, and the campaign is a great opportunity for people to express how unique they are. However, everyone is linked by their common love of the PC and how they embrace the life because of it. The campaign has been much awaited and will no doubt send the strong and powerful message to the world that being a PC is cool in its own right.

The most exclusive feature of this campaign is that it gives everyone the chance to become involved. Anyone, including you, can upload pictures or videos of themselves, this will then feature in the online banners. Once you upload your picture or video, you will receive your own personalised link to it on the online banners, allowing you to see for yourself where your picture or video is featured. Each advert in the campaign is unique, so be sure not to miss this fantastic opportunity to become a face of Microsoft. You can also browse through many of the others, to see exactly how a PC enables them to live their life how they wish.

The campaign has caused a real surge of energy among staff, including our very own Paolo Barone, from our UK Academic Team. Check out his photo feature here! Bill Gates has personally become involved in the US adverts, stating ‘I’m a PC, and I like cheeseburgers’, proving how thrilling this campaign really is! So make sure you take a look today and become a part of the excitement!