Announcement: Microsoft UK partners endorse ‘Cloud first’ approach outlined at TechEd North America

Yesterday at TechEd North America, Microsoft detailed how its new portfolio of solutions will help businesses thrive in the era of cloud computing and connected devices. But what do some of our UK partners have to say regarding our Cloud OS strategy? We thought we’d ask them:

Gordon McKenna, CEO of Inframon Ltd comments: “Inframon is working with Microsoft because its Cloud OS story corresponds exactly with the journey that our customers are advising us they are embarking on within their businesses. Most customers are developing their infrastructure based on a three cloud strategy – Private Cloud, Service Provider Cloud and Public Cloud and this is exactly how Microsoft has aligned its technologies moving forward with Cloud OS. No other vendor I can see understands this customer journey nor has the tools and methodologies to help them achieve it.”

Craig Hartwell, Account Director at Risual adds: “With the buzz around Cloud services making a big impact in the industry, our clients need help in understanding what services they should embrace, when they should take action and what the benefits will be to their business. Microsoft’s Cloud OS strategy gives clients a framework to build out their infrastructure to embrace cloud services and roll this into existing deployments. This takes full advantage of technology they are familiar with today, and the economic benefits of scale from cloud services.

Risual’s optimised service vision helps customers move their IT service provision to a highly optimised and dynamic model. The only vendor that gives us all of the components we need to deliver this vision to our customers is Microsoft. We see our clients delivering new services faster by leveraging business and technology automation, delivering an optimised service to build a connected business, but at a cost that is often 30-70 per cent less than with competing offerings.

Microsoft has taken all the great things about its enterprise products and made them simple to deploy, manage and maintain. This is what makes their Cloud OS strategy one that will be embraced.”

Stay tuned for more customer stories and announcements over the next few days from TechEd North America and don’t forget there’s still time to register for TechEd Europe in Madrid, 25th to 28th June.