Demystifying DevOps Behaviours

In an effort to demystify the new and exciting world of DevOps and DevOps culture, I am hosting a series of guest posts on this blog over the next few months.

Firstly we need to have a look at just what those behaviours are. To do this, I have enlisted the help of a number of Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs).

When I ask attendees at our InnovateIT UKITCamps what DevOps is, the answers I get are less than confident and often conflicting, as shown in the Elephant slide below.


The discussions often lead on to what behaviours and practices make up the modern culture of DevOps.

I have listed them below

•Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

•Continuous Integration

•Automated Testing

•Continuous Deployment

•Release Management

•App Performance Monitoring

•Load Testing & Auto-Scale

•Availability Monitoring

•Change/Configuration Management

•Feature Flags

•Automated Environment De-Provisioning

•Self Service Environments

•Automated Recovery (Rollback & Roll-Forward)

•Hypothesis Driven Development

•Testing in Production

•Fault Injection

•Usage Monitoring/User Telemetry

Rather than try and address these practices in a single post, I thought it would be really interesting to get the thoughts of some industry experts to help out. What better way of doing that than asking our MVPs to pick a practice and explain it from their own experience?

First up is Richard Siddaway a PowerShell MVP who blogs here and you can follow him on Twitter here

You can find his post  on Infrastructure as Code, here

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