Future Decoded: It's a wrap!

It’s now a month since Future Decoded - doesn’t time fly! For all those that came, we hope you enjoyed the event and it was great to meet so many of you there. It was a packed schedule, and we know some of you may have missed talks that you wish you hadn’t, or would like to go back and re-watch ones you did. If you weren't able to make it, there were probably some sessions you'd really like to have attended. With this in mind, we’ve created a wrap-up that pulls together all of the best articles, links, videos and tweets into one easily digestible article.

Blogs & Articles

It’s safe to say Future Decoded kept our editorial team very busy, from writing up the Keynotes to hassling the speakers for comment! Here’s the product of our work:

Future Decoded Day 1 Keynotes

Day 2 may have been the Technical Day , but there were some really interesting speakers and topics covered on Day 1, the Business Day! Here’s our summary of Day 1’s Keynotes, featuring Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella speaking of the dawn of the “Mobile first, cloud first world”.

Future Decoded Day 2 Keynotes

It’s difficult to know where to begin with Day 2, but how about a summary of the morning’s Keynote sessions? There were a number of great talks, from Scott Guthrie on Connected Cows (really) to Kevin Ashton on the Internet and Internot of Things.

The internet of insecure, untrustworthy things

Graham Cluley was one of the aforementioned Keynote speakers and wrote for us on the threat of the Internet of Things to your security on the internet. It’s a truly interesting and thought provoking article, and well worth a read!

Quantum Computing: Transforming the Digital Age

It was quite a way to end, Professor Brian Cox and Microsoft Research’s Dr Krysta Svore teaming up to give a rather mind-blowing closing Keynote on Quantum Computing. Even if you were lucky enough to see it first hand; like us you may find that this article helps you begin to make some sense of it all!



We had our sketchnote artists document each and every Keynote in their own whacky style. We had to feel for @lurkmoophy as he sketchnoted Professor Brian Cox and Dr Krysta Svore's Quantum Computing Keynote, but we think you'll agree the result is pretty impressive!


Recordings now live on Channel 9

If you missed a Keynote, or want to re-watch a talk, then we have good news for you: all of the breakout sessions and Keynotes from the Technical Day – bar Krysta Svore and Brian Cox’s – were recorded and can now be found on Channel 9. We’re told that’s over 24 hours-worth of content!


We got it trending!

With a reach of over 80 million on Twitter with #FutureDecoded, the event had a huge social following over the two days - it's even still going strong today. Some of the Tweets were so great that we thought it only right to give them a special mention.

Kevin Ashton

What was the first thing Kevin Ashton did when he walked onto the Keynote stage? Video everyone and upload it to Twitter of course!

Great technical audience talking Internet of Things at @Microsoft #FutureDecoded in London right now #IoT pic.twitter.com/Q2sXA53NSB

— Kevin Ashton (@Kevin_Ashton) November 11, 2015

Kevin's Keynote on the  Internet and Internot of Things  went down a storm

@Kevin_Ashton @Microsoft Great talk! In fact, the best so far. #FutureDecoded

— Darren (@darrenpr0) November 11, 2015

Graham Cluley

Graham Cluley's Keynote, Why we need a trustworthy internet , certainly seemed to hit all of the right notes:

Excellent keynote by @gcluley informative, light hearted but hard hitting. #FutureDecoded

— Sean Pearson (@pearsonmeist) November 11, 2015

@gcluley ... liking the presentation here at #FutureDecoded ... good job !

— Adrían Bridgwater (@ABridgwater) November 11, 2015

Project Oxford

There was considerable excitement at the Project Oxford announcement:

Using computers to gauge emotion. Amazing! #futuredecoded pic.twitter.com/sVUToqOhbg

— Andy Gee (@AndyG_Twit) November 11, 2015

Beware the cows

For some, Scott Guthrie's Keynote on The Connected Cow brought to light dangerous news:

@TechNetUK #FutureDecoded By 2030 Connected Cows will rule the world... Hehehe pic.twitter.com/ZaGC2b8qjk

— Peter Gallagher (@PJGCreations) November 11, 2015


Here's to next year

Thanks to all at #FutureDecoded today - I had a go at explaining quantum square root NOT gates and enjoyed doing it :-)

— Brian Cox (@ProfBrianCox) November 11, 2015