Office 2016 for Mac now available on Office 365

Office 2016 for Mac is here! Available to Office 365 customers in 139 countries and 16 languages. Introducing five advanced, first-class applications, built with unparalleled customer participation after the largest Office for Mac beta ever. We experienced unprecedented levels of support, that resulted in over 100,000 pieces of feedback and seven updates in four months. All five applications come ready for the new age of cloud computing: making it possible for teammates to work together simultaneously on documents, and enabling Mac users who edit files on iPads or iPhones to pick up where they left off on another device.

Word for Mac

Word’s powerful writing and reviewing tools have just become that much stronger. Word for Mac’s new Design tab means it’s now easier than ever to apply designer quality layouts , coloursand fonts to your work. A truly cloud connected Word means that teamwork has never been more effective; work on the same document simultaneously with your colleagues and use threaded comments to have a conversation right next to the corresponding text.


Excel for Mac

Excel for Mac just got even smarter. Familiar keyboard shortcuts, autocomplete and an improved formula builder save you time. Excel now recommends the charts that best suit your data with Chart Previews, meaning no more ‘trial and error’ looking for that bar chart that best shows off your data. For those looking for even deeper analysis, new PivotTable Slicers help you filter large volumes of data and recognise patterns that could prove integral to your work.


PowerPoint for Mac

PowerPoint for Mac now offers unparalleled control to presenters. An overhauled Presenter View gives you full control when you present, showing the current slide, next slide, speaker notes and a timer on your Mac screen, all while the audience views your presentation on the big screen. Animations now have their own pane, making it even easier to design and fine-tune your animations. Couple this with the latest set of Slide Transitions and you should have all you need to produce well polished presentations.


Outlook for Mac

Outlook for Mac is now even better for managing your work. Push mail support means that your inbox is always up-to-date. Advanced Conversation view, that automatically organises your inbox according to threaded conversations, sees an end to hunts for related messages. While the new Message Preview option presents the first sentence of an email so you can quickly decide whether to read it now or later.


OneNote for Mac

OneNote for Mac is the latest addition to the Mac Office 365 package. With OneNote, capture your ideas in digital notebooks and share them with friends, family or colleagues through the cloud so everyone can work together. Make your notes as colourful and bold as you like, organise them how you like. Insert images, sound clips, Excel Spreadsheets, the options go on. The powerful OneNote Search engine recognises not only tags and indexes in typed notes, but text in images and handwritten notes – which means that finding a specific receipt you scanned in is easy.


Regular updates

Office 365 subscribers using Office for Mac will see regular updates and continuous improvements over time, with updates and new features released at least once per quarter.

What do I need to get Office 2016 for Mac?

Office 365 subscribers can get the latest version of Office for Mac today, simply go to your account page (, sign in and follow the installation instructions. If you have Office 365 through your organisation go to (

If you are a student you may get Office 2016 for Mac for free, find out today at

Microsoft is also intending to release Office 2016 for Mac as a one-time purchase option this September.

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