PowerShell Version 5.0 Preview

I know, PowerShell Version 4.0 has only just landed with us as part of Windows Management Framework 4 and Windows Server 2012 R2 BUt the preview of WMF 5 and PowerShell 5.0 is here already.

So a very quick run through of what is new is in order, I think.

Well – since the Future IS PowerShell, it’s no surprise that a number of new features and functionality are included. Check it out by downloading here

The key new functionality includes updates to PowerShell and the Integrate Scripting Environment as well as Desired State Configuration.

The two I want to concentrate on here though are Network Switch CmdLets and OneGet.

Don’t forget though that if you do install the preview it is not Generally released or supported so the usual caveats apply about not using it in production etc.

Network Switch Cmdlets

    • The Network Switch Cmdlets enable you to do switch, VLAN and basic Layer 2 network switch port configuration to Windows Server 2012 R2 Logo certified Network switches.
    • Using these cmdlets you can do:
      • Global switch configuration, such as:
        • Setting host name
        • Setting switch banner
        • Persist configuration
        • Enable or disable feature
      • VLAN configuration:
        • Create or remove VLAN
        • Enable or disable VLAN
        • Enumerate VLAN
        • Set friendly name to a VLAN
      • Layer 2 port configuration:
        • Enumerate ports
        • Enable or disable ports
        • Set port modes and properties
        • Add or associate VLAN to Trunk or Access on the port

Available CmdLets are shown below


Being a preview, the help available is limited for now and attempting to update it results in errors.


    • OneGet is a new way to discover and install software packages from around the web. With OneGet, you can:

      • Manage a list of software repositories in which packages can be searched, acquired, and installed
      • Search and filter your repositories to find the packages you need
      • Seamlessly install and uninstall packages from one or more repositories with a single PowerShell command

OneGet CmdLets available are shown below.


again, help is limited but as an example.

Simply entering Find-package results in a huge list of available software products that can be fetch and installed.

Be aware that changing the default script execution policy will be required.

Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned

will be sufficient.

so to fetch and install zoomit (the SysInternals indeispensible tool) is a simple matter of

Fetch-Package zoomit | Install-Package

This results in the following screens


This shows the warning prior to installation


Installation of the application package


Success of the installation

Only a preview but I can’t wait for this to become Generally Available. The potential for being able to control your Network Switches in conjunction with your System Center Virtual Machine Manager is huge!

Deployment of software through this method may not be the future for an enterprise deployment BUT its a seriously fast way of installing applications without as many of the usual multiple steps.




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