Save Sam Application Compatibility Videos & Winner


It’s been a really tough decision this week, but our judges have come to a conclusion on the winning video answer to Sam’s question on Application Compatibility.

So without further ado, a big congratulations to ‘yachtinglimited’ for their animated entry! A brand new FULL HD TV, Home Cinema System, Bluray Player and Star Wars box set will be winging their way to you shortly.

The frontrunner for our Grand Prize of a 3D TV, Full HD 3D Ready Camcorder and 3D Conversion Lens has been chopping and changing over the past few weeks between many of the entries. Further congratulations to ‘yachtinglimited’ who are in the lead for this prize at the moment too.

The winner is by no means decided however with well over a month to go, so make sure you get your entries in soon! The latest question is about Security, the video you need to respond to is here.

Thanks for all your entries so far, you’ll all be getting limited edition mugs very soon. Here’s the latest videos, enjoy!