SQL Server 2016 is here!

The explosion of data is changing the world around us at a breath taking speed. Businesses are looking to capture as much information as they can and use it to inform smarter decisions. While databases power nearly every aspect of business today, they weren’t originally designed for such a purpose; traditionally their role was to enable reliable recording and retrieving of transactions, such as orders and payments, in on-premises datacentres. Now the demands are far higher, from the need to be able to analyse live data at great speed, to being offered as a fully managed service in the cloud.

Such a disruption needs something more and we’re pleased to announce the general availability of SQL Server 2016. Designed with this new world in mind, it’s the biggest leap forward in Microsoft data platform history with real-time operational analytics, rich visualisations on mobile devices, built-in advanced analytics, new advanced security technology, and new hybrid cloud scenarios. It will allow you to build mission-critical, and business-critical intelligent applications with the most secure database, the highest performance data warehouse and a consistent experience from on-premises to cloud.

The four editions of SQL Server 2016

The four editions

SQL Server 2016 Developer edition will be a free download to enable broad access to, and development on, the full capabilities of the latest SQL Server release.

SQL Server 2016 features by edition

Features by edition

SQL Server 2016 uses

Mission critical intelligent applications delivering real-time operational intelligence by combining built-in advanced analytics and in-memory technology without having to move the data or impact end user performance.

Enterprise scale data warehousing with enhanced in-memory columnstore that increases query performance by over 100x vs disk based solutions. With SQL Server 2016, you can also access optimized MPP scale out software that can be combined with scale out appliance architecture with our Analytics Platform System (APS).

Applications requiring the highest levels of security with new Always Encrypted technology that protects your data at rest and in motion without impacting database performance.

Comprehensive business intelligence solutions on mobile devices with an end-to-end mobile BI solution built-in that can deliver insights on any device. You can also manage all of your KPIs, mobile reports and traditional reports from a modern web portal.

New big data solutions that require combining relational data with non-relational data with PolyBase technology built-in that allows you to query structured and unstructured data with the simplicity of T-SQL.

Hybrid cloud solutions that can reduce storage costs, improve high availability and simplify IT operations with new Stretch Database technology. This keeps more of your historical data at your fingertips by transparently and securely stretching warm and cold OLTP data to Microsoft Azure on-demand without application changes. In addition, faster replicas can be placed in Azure to give you cost effective disaster recovery and backups.

SQL Server eBook

If you want to learn more about how SQL Server can help your business grow, download our free eBook.

Break free from Oracle

If your business is using Oracle databases and has a Software Assurance subscription you can make the most of our SQL Server 2016 migration offer. It’s easier than ever to switch with simplified migration tools, free training for Oracle DBAs, and starter deployment services to help you break free of your current platform.