TechNet Pod #3 – The Bots One


Welcome back to the TechNet Pod! This week we're missing our mysterious third member, so it's down to myself and Sergejs to hold the fort!

Thanks again for the great feedback on the previous two episodes. Hopefully you'll start to hear some changes based on what you've being saying, but remember that we'll always welcome suggestions on length, topics or the guests we bring in for a chat!

If you didn't join us last month, the TechNet Pod is a monthly podcast that rounds up everything that's been happening on Microsoft UK's technical channels, including TechNet UK, @MSDevUK and @TechNetUK. In this month's episode, we talk about bots, AI and machine learning with Martin Beeby, a technical evangelist here at Microsoft.

You can listen to it on Soundcloud, through your favourite podcast client by searching for 'TechNet Pod' or adding our RSS feed, or you can download the episode directly.


Martin Beeby, our guest for episode three, recording on-location in a Shrewsbury shopping centre

So, what's in store for episode three?

6:03 - Interview with Martin Beeby, a Microsoft technical evangelist, talking about bots, AI and machine learning
24:20 - Martin talks about Introducing AI, a new show on Channel 9 about the current state of artificial intelligence
28:19 - Effective cost saving in Azure without moving to PaaS by Chris Taylor
29:06 - Thinking outside the Windows box – Bringing SQL Server to Linux by Gavin Payne
29:54 - 17 Reasons To Use Visual Studio 2017 by Giles Davies
31:27 - Upcoming articles on TechNet UK
31:50 - Microsoft Tech Summit Roundup and keynote blog
33:04 - Repository of global Microsoft Tech Summit resources
33:28 - The C# Programming Yellow Book by Rob Miles
35:36 - Stack Overflow survey results
39:44 - Enabling DevOps with Visual Studio 2017, April 26 in Brighton
40:35 - Developing with HoloLens: The Path to Mixed Reality, April 18 in Telford, May 18 in Southampton
41:26 - Microsoft Data Amp, April 19 online (5pm GMT)
42:05 - Azure Red Shirt Dev Tour '17, May 25 in London
43:40 - Please give us your suggestions and feedback here and on the #TechNetPod hashtag! igloos

The fabled Tech Summit igloos!

As we mentioned during the episode, please let us know your honest opinions on this episode in the comments below. With your help, we can make future episodes even better! Thanks, and we'll see you in episode four!