Top Tip: SharePoint items recovery made easy with Veeam Explorer

I accidentally deleted a file from SharePoint and I really need to get it back!
Is this the kind of sentence that generates a wave of panic in your helpdesk team?

So far, the process of backup and restoration in the SharePoint world could be a complex proposition requiring very specific skills, a broad set of tools, and plenty of precious time in order to ensure backup and restore operations can be successfully performed.

Microsoft SharePoint is proving its value to customers every single day and provides unique capabilities in collaborating with your colleagues and peers. Because of this, it is essential to provide proper protection to this vulnerable element.


Veeam has just introduced Veeam Explorer for Microsoft SharePoint.
This tool will be included for free in Veeam Backup & Replication, and allows you to easily restore items from any SharePoint archive database.


SharePoint recovery made easier.

When you need to restore, use Veeam Explorer to simply browse the SharePoint data store from its archive, as you would do in Windows Explorer.
You know the name of the file? Even better: use the integrated search tool to find it.

Once you have found the file, just right-click and choose to restore it to SharePoint, send the file to the user or simply copy it to another location.
No full database restoration is necessary. It’s that simple, and the process literally takes a couple minutes to accomplish.

You want to know the better part of it? It’s not only free, but will work whether your SharePoint has been backup up with Veeam or not!
As long as this tool can access your backed-up or recovered databases it can recover the files you need.

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Watch this short video to see it in action:


Veeam Explorer for Microsoft SharePoint is now available in public beta.
To register, please visit

Using Microsoft Exchange?
You can also try Veeam Explorer for Exchange that was release last year and will bring the same efficiency and simplicity to your Exchange items recovery.

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