Win a new Intel Core i3 Laptop – Just Submit your Tips!

Those were great tips on Deployment, the board were impressed! Now the board want to know, if they deploy Windows 7, how can they manage it day-to-day?

Here’s the story so far:

Sam is an IT Project Manager who has purchased a large batch of Windows 7 Enterprise licenses without consulting her bosses. They don’t want to move from XP and now her job’s at threat! She needs your help as an IT Professional to convince the board that Windows 7 is worth deploying.

Sam’s bosses are concerned that changes in user profiles will make it difficult to migrate people from XP to Windows 7. She needs to know, how does Windows 7 make management and administration easier for the IT department and save money for the business?

We still have some free limited edition mugs available for new entrants so spread the word and get your friends involved! This fortnight you can get your hands on an Intel Core i3 Dell Inspiron Q15R Laptop if your video is judged the best. Remember to promote your video wherever you can to be in with a chance of winning our GRAND PRIZE – a 3D TV, Full HD 3D Ready Camcorder and 3D Conversion Lens for the highest number of views.

Head over to YouTube and submit a short clip (3 minutes or less) as a response to our video here to enter. Be as creative as you like, add music, text or just record direct from your webcam.

Check out the Windows 7 Tech Centre for some ideas on what to talk about and Tweet your response #SaveSam.

Full Terms & Conditions are available here.