Windows 10 Assigned Access


By Michael Sammels

With Assigned Access you can create a user account that automatically launches one Windows Store app in full screen mode, with no access to the rest of Windows. Why would you want to do this? Let’s say you are running a kiosk and you want a single application to run on screen (that displays prices for your items, for example). You wouldn’t want people to come along, check the prices and then close down your app, open up Microsoft Edge and start checking Facebook. You would need a way to lock the machine to only one app. This was more difficult back in the days of Windows XP and required the embedded version – but today, Kiosk mode (Assigned Access) is very easy to use.

How to Access Kiosk Mode

Here are the steps to set Assigned Access up:

  1. Create a new user account - this will be used for Assigned Access (let’s call it account B)
  2. Sign out of the account you’re currently signed into (let’s call this one account A) and sign into the new account created in step 1 (account B)
  3. On this new account (B), go to the Windows Store and install the app you want to use
  4. Sign out of this account (B) and back into your main account (A)
  5. Launch Settings -> Accounts -> Family & other users and click ‘Setup assigned access’
  6. Here, choose the account and the app in their respective fields

That should be all you need to do. Once you have set everything up, simply re-log into the other account (B) and the app should automatically launch.

In order to log out of assigned access, quickly press the Windows logo key five times. This will restart your PC.