Windows 7 Migration Expert Found

You might remember that not that long ago we ran a competition to find a Windows 7 Migration expert in the TechNet Blog community to present the final slot at the Windows 7 Deployment – Why and How? online conference.

I’m pleased to announce that we have found our expert! Paul Cooke is a Project Manager at Plymouth City Council, implementing hot desking using Windows 7, Office 2010, App-V and Lync 2010 so the council can close buildings and generate savings to avoid job losses. He’s keen to share his experiences of migration in the real world with you all, and we’re just as keen to hear them!

In Paul’s own words the rollout has been “So successful the remaining Depts. are clamouring for a place higher on the schedule”.  Click here to register to attend the online conference on 25th October and find out why.