Yammer - the Missing Link



   By Alexander Jethwa from Firebrand Training



With the recent 1st anniversary since Microsoft purchased Yammer there have been huge changes & improvements of the Enterprise Social Networking platform, with one of its key benefits being team collaboration & value to business processes.

 • Users have grown by 55 per cent to approximately 8 million registered seats.

• User activity (as measured by messages, groups and files) has roughly doubled year over year.

• Paid networks have grown over 200 per cent year over year.

Most of long standing Office 365 customers have been switched over to the latest Office 365 service upgrade in which gradual roll outs of Yammer integration into Office 365 & SharePoint. Seeing the growth of Yammer gaining real momentum. All current sign ups will be already on the latest service upgrade

In this period of the last 10 months Firebrand Training an international IT & Project Management training company has followed & embraced the journey of Office 365 & Yammer seeing a huge increase of global collaboration & communication.

Initially Firebrand rolled out Yammer to just one of their Marketing & Education departments in which they were left to use Yammer to see how it felt and if it would benefit them.

Within weeks it became Marketing’s main communication platform with ideas being aired openly with great discussions forming with new plans already being rolled out thanks to the hassle less work & idea sharing via Yammer like there "Free Training For Life" competition & also there "2 Year FastPass" for Unlimited training. This has led to a reduction in time consumed on brainstorming, development & general meetings. Marketing have seen their projects from the point of initially idea to final approval cut on average of 37% time with 100% delivered on target. Ed Jones - Firebrands Marketing and Content Creation Executive said "We used to share ideas & make suggestions via email & a lot of the time things would just get lost or there would be very slow progress. Using Yammer at Firebrand Training has becoming a social routine rather than a chore and another thing to do. We can't wait to roll out the Yammer feeds in our SharePoint to really get things streamline."

When Yammer was rolled out to the whole international company there were some struggles for people to adapt & sign up to Yammer but gradually the whole company joined and saw the benefits. For example, people from the U.K were sharing ideas, news & advice with staff in the Middle East whom they wouldn't really talk to. Senior management also took a keen liking to Yammer, such as in keeping the whole company up to date with announcements from WPC 2013.

With Office 365 & Yammer just at the beginning of there long relationship, with the announcements of tons of features rolling out over the next 6 months, Yammer is getting easier and easier to use and allows users to stay up to date with apps and support across a range of platforms. With new features coming out all the time for the Yammer/Office 365 collaboration, you may be able to say that this is still just the beginning for everyone but one thing is clear: Yammer is creating a social link in companies, with huge potential to be used in range ways to collaborate, communicate & create.


Go be social & collaborate!



Alex currently deals with corporate Training at Firebrand Training having worked in IT Training since 2010. Having stripped PCs since an early age & mainly being self-taught Alex started off by completing his first Microsoft certification at the age 14 years old (MCDST), to now being only 21 years of age & in the short span 2 years of which he was contracting, he won contracts with the likes of Nokia, The Houses of Parliament, Sony Music, London 2012 Olympics & many more. Currently he is working towards his Office 365 MVP for 2013.

 Contact Alex via Email: alexj@microtechies.co.uk,