SharePoint 3.0 & TFS

Yesterday Jeff Beehler blogged about the finalised guidance for configuring your TFS 2005 Server to utilise Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 (Out of the box it includes WSS 2.0).  Of course you may want to wait until the Orcas Release of TFS which will have WSS 3.0 built in.

Now I'm no SharePoint expert but having a read of What's new in Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 has definitely whet my appetite for this.

Some highlights include:

  • Send e-mail to a SharePoint site
  • Mobile Access to your SharePoint site
  • Wiki sites
  • Gantt Views
  • Enhanced document version control
  • Visibility and approval of draft documents
  • Process management through workflows
  • Improved search, logging and alerts
  • Contextual display, based on user permissions
  • and many more!

I'll post some more details when I've had a chance to experiment more with WSS 3.0 and TFS.