Team System Sidebar Gadget

Jason Pricket (Team System dev) has written a Vista Sidebar Gadget that will monitor the status of a Team Build.

The key features are:

  • Each instance of the sidebar gadget monitors a particular build definition.
  • An icon represents the status of the most recent build for that definition.
  • The text is a hyperlink to the build report for the most recent build.
  • It automatically polls (based on a Java Script timer) the server to get the latest info.
  • As you can see, you can create as many instances as your sidebar will hold!

For more information and the source, see:

  Team Build Sidebar

Great for keeping an eye on your builds, especially if you are doing Continuous Integration. If you can't wait until Orcas to do CI with TFS, check out the build extensions on If you haven't seen the new build functionality that is coming in Orcas, watch Jim Lang and Buck Hodges talking about it on Channel9:

  Continuous Integration with Team Build “Orcas”

Well worth a watch!!!