TFS and Tools Overview Competition Questions for 8th Feb

Some questions for attendees of todays LiveMeetings.

If you were on the Visual Studio 2010 Tools Overview LiveMeeting:

Question: If you want to manage your database (version control, unit tests for stored procedures, generate test data etc.) during development which is the minimum Visual Studio 2010 edition you’d need?

If you were on the Team Foundation Server 2010 LiveMeeting:

Question: What facility in TFS allows you to place code on the server without checking it in?

Email your answers to

The winner will be the first correct answer from someone who attended the LiveMeeting. The prize will consist of a Visual Studio laptop bag and a collection of other bits and pieces.

(We’ll be running this competition for a little while – so if you fancy winning sign up to one of the next events for a chance to enter)

Good luck,