Fix those IMCEAEX NDRs

I had a customer migrate some mailboxes a few weeks ago, and they're now just getting some NDRs.  Here's a sample NDR:


To fix this, you can take the NDR that you receive, copy/paste it into this function, and then take the resultant decoded x500 address and add it back to the proxyAddress array for the recipient.

 Function FixX500($address)
     $x500 = $address.Replace("IMCEAEX-","x500:").Replace("_","/").Replace("+20"," ").Replace("+28","(").Replace("+29",")").Split("@")[0]
     Write-Host "Add the following value to the proxyAddresses of the errored recipient:"
     Write-Host -ForeGroundColor Green $x500

To see it in action with the above NDR: