PingProvisioningServiceEndPoint error when configuring AAD Connect

This afternoon, while configuring AAD Connect for a customer, I ran into a new error when I clicked Install at the end of the installation wizard:

 An error occurred executing Configure AAD Sync task: Unexpected exception thrown. Action: PingProvisioningServiceEndPoint, Exception: An error occurred. Error Code: 6. Error Description: Your credentials are not authorized to access Windows Azure Active Directory. Please check your administrator credentials and try again.

The error is somewhat misleading.  The first part of the error references that the installer can't communicate with the provisioning endpoint; the second part of the error says your user ID isn't authorized.  We know the second part of the error is incorrect, since the wizard validated that the account was a global administrator earlier in the process.

During the "Connect to Azure AD" part of the wizard, the application is using the Internet Explorer proxy settings.  When it reaches the point where it is actually configuring the AAD Connect service, it's using the .NET proxy settings.

The fix is relatively simple:

  1. Open an elevated command prompt.
  2. netsh winhttp import proxy source=ie
  3. Click Retry in the wizard.