PowerShell Random Password Generator

On a project earlier this year, I had to create random passwords for user accounts as part of a provisioning tool.  Perpetually trying to find the fastest way to do something, I came up with a one-liner that you can use to create a random text string from the following ASCII printable characters:


To create the passwords, I use this bit of magic:

 PS> $Password = ([char[]]([char]33..[char]95) + ([char[]]([char]97..[char]126)) + 0..9 | sort {Get-Random})[0..8] -join ''
PS> $Password

Image result for password gif

That will create an 9 character password using the range operator [0..8]. And, if you want to concatenate it with a plaintext counterpart:

 PS> $Password = ([char[]]([char]33..[char]95) + ([char[]]([char]97..[char]126)) + 0..9 | sort {Get-Random})[0..8] -join ''
PS> $Password = "Welcome"+$Password
PS> $Password

Maybe not the most difficult passwords in the world, but probably good enough to give new users the first time they log on to a system.

But then, I found this gem, too:

 $Password = "Welcome" + [system.web.security.membership]::GeneratePassword(x,y)


 x = length in characters
y = minimum number of non-alphanumeric characters

If you only want alpha-numeric characters, simply use "x."  As soon as you use "y", you'll get anywhere from y to x number of non-alphanumeric characters.

What ideas do you have?