Update to the "Migrate EOP Settings" Tool

A little over a year and a half ago, I started working on a tool for a really large Office 365 / BPOS-Dedicated migration to Office 365 Government Community Cloud.  As part of that migration, I wrote this tool: Migrating EOP Settings Between Tenants.  Today, while working with a customer, we discovered that it wasn't handling the Malware Filter Policy and Malware Filter Rules correctly if the source environment had more than one malware filter policy, so I have fixed it.  I've also added a few other bells and/or whistles (depending on if you like to ring bells or whistle tunes):

  • UseExistingSession - This new switch to allow you to use an existing Office 365 session (instead of prompting for source/target credentials).  Simple update that a lot of my import/export tools have; now, you can use it here, too.
  • ImportOnlyMalwareSettings - I added this possible value to the -Mode parameter.  In the event that you only want to test re-importing the Malware Filter and Malware Policy settings, you can now use this switch (as in .\Migrate-EOPSettings.ps1 -Mode ImportMalwareSettingsOnly)
  • Updated Domain Import function, as it was referencing an incorrect object in one place

Cheers to migrations! The updated tool is in exactly the same place as the last: https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/Migrate-EOP-Settings-9d480325.