Update to the Set-UPNWithMailAddress Script

I hadn't touched this one in a while, but a recent request from a customer had me checking in on it.  I tidied it up (no one likes people staring at their dirty laundry), and updated the scripting to be more efficient.  One of the things I noticed about it is that I had run multiple Get- requests against the same object, so I reduced it to one, cutting the script's execution time like a hot samurai blade through butter.

I've also updated the logging to include the object GUID, which may make it easier to restore objects should you need to put things back where you found them...which leads to a good idea for another script update next week. ;-)

Check out the update at https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/Set-Upn-With-Mail-Address-c4d0ee60.

Now you can have your users updated before your cup of coffee even cools down.