How would the Vista gadgets look like on XP?

The other weekend, I got some spare time to see how I could go in re-creating the sidebar experience that will ship with Window Vista on XP. I was amazed at how far I could get using Expression Interactive Designer. Here is the current status of my effort:


I only wish I could show some off some of the transition effects – in this case, a picture is not speaking the 1000 words they say it does. At some point in the near future (once an appropriate version of WinFX run-time ships) , I will post the source code for this project on CodePlex. If you download the code, you will be held responsible for contributing a gadget of your choice to this project J.

Not bad for a weekend’s worth of work ah?

Note: Contrary to some of the e-mails I have recieved, this project has nothing to do with the Vista Gadgets. This is only an imitation of them created as a Windows Presentation Foundation application using the Expression tools. The main goal of this project was to see how the Expression tools would scale up to a more real-world application, and to understand some of the usability issues of the tool so we could fix them.