New technical content available; decks, draft SDK and device configuration topic

We are pleased to announce new technical content for Windows Analytics customers:

  1. Windows Analytics Overview decks, to explain the benefits and requirements of deploying Windows Analytics. We are releasing these decks to the technical community to make it easier for partners to have discussions with their customers, and customers to have discussions with their internal stakeholders.
  2. Windows Analytics draft extensibility docs, to enable ISVs, partners and IT pros to move beyond the functionality in the portal and learn how to create custom reports, custom alerts, integrate analytics data with other data sets for richer insights, or integrate analytics data into existing tools and workflows. Be aware that this content is in early draft format and we are planning to make some breaking schema changes in the next year, so expect to see changes to the document as we refine the content and please plan to port forward any queries that your write.
  3. New device configuration and FAQ/tshoooter topics that cover all three Windows Analytics solutions in one place. These replace, update and unify the previous solution-specific topics